Importance of Spirituality

By Lisa Baird

1. IT GIVES MEANING TO LIFE: Knowing the meaning to life is one of the main reasons why spirituality is important to most people. Reflecting on whom you are as a person can expand your knowledge about what human existence means in general.

2. IT GIVES HOPE TO THE HOPELESS: Having faith in something greater than you tends to give you confidence in a hopeless situation. Spiritual customs and teachings help people heal from sustained pain and hurt.

3. IT RELIEVES STRESS AND INSPIRES PEACE: Introspective activities like prayer or meditation relieve stress and cultivate peace from within. Meditation typically relates to training the mind to relax and the spirit to develop compassion, forgiveness, or serenity.

4. IT AIDS IN MAKING BETTER CHOICES: In most cases, spirituality encourages people to be a better person. Being more aware of how important is to live to the best of your ability may encourage you to eat better or to not engage in illegal activities.

5. IT ADDS TO HAPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT: The satisfaction in knowing that everything works out according to plan is quite fulfilling. Spiritual people usually have this mindset.

6. IT LESSENS FEAR OF DEATH: Spirituality offers reassurance in something to come. People who have mastered this are typically not fearful or adamant to the thought of death.

7. IT BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER: Religious fellowship with others is normally established from having the same faith or philosophies. Spirituality, however, conjoins different people with different outlooks on life into one place. Spirituality can eventually bring everyone to a commonality of spirit.