By Sharon Janis

Look at the trials of your life with a spiritual approach: Until your heart has been broken to the things of this materialistic world, you can’t open your heart into the higher world.

The following efforts can help you find a comfortable mix of trials and transcendence by seeing troubles with a positive eye:

  • Make efforts to create the kind of life that’s pleasant and fulfilling for you.
  • Be open and receptive to whatever comes — good or bad, pleasurable or difficult.
  • When challenges come up, use them as opportunities to springboard off your limited worldview of temporary earthly existence.

Look at these ways that suffering can help uplift you:

  • Suffering teaches you compassion.
  • Suffering inspires you to contemplate and reconsider your thoughts and actions.
  • Suffering brings renunciation, and renunciation is an important quality for spiritual growth.

Life always brings challenges to deal with. Struggle and strife have come as standard accessories with the package deal of this cruise. We have to raise above the suffering, look for the positive through this tragedy brings out the best in people.